It has been already few years since I started to write this blog, but I never had enough time to create some logo for it. Now, when I am in the isolation, I have lots of spare time, so I decided to finally create one.

I started to search for inspiration on google, which redirected me to various blogs, health care pages, shutterstock images and many other sources of great inspiration. It took me almost two hours to get through everything and select pictures that might be useful. I saved everything that I liked, then opened all of them at once and tried to find out what would fit for my blog. The most inspiring pictures for me was this one:

By the way, I found out that it is a cover of a book which explains that a low-protein, plant-based diet can significantly improve the health of chronic kidney disease patients and may prolong or perhaps even avoid dialysis!

Anyway, I really liked the picture but I wanted to incorporate also the love for the transplanted kidney, the fact that I am a girl and definitely wanted it to be pink! So I decided to exchange the leaves for a heart and make it a face of a girl with hair. The first sketch was the following:

Not bad for a sketch, but I felt like something didn’t fit there but I couldn’t find out what was the issue. So I showed it to my friends and asked them for opinion. After their MANY comments and suggestions, I made some changes and created this version:

And few colored versions:

After the final round of comments and suggestions from my friends (Thank you!) and the last polishing, I decided to go with the pink-white version with bulky font. So, here it is, the new logo of the Pinky Kidney!: