Pinky Kidney

What life with transplanted kidney looks like.


Hi, my name is Lucie. 

The main reason why I decided to write this blog is, that I have a transplanted kidney and I would like to write about my life with it. When I was going through the process 14 years ago, there was not much information available about it. Today, it is different but most of the information is written from the medical point of view.

In this blog, I would like to write about it from the “patient” point of view, to write about my life and how the transplanted kidney does or does not affect some parts of it and maybe show some other potential other patients that it is possible to live a normal life after the transplantation. Also, it is not always easy to explain what it means and feels like to live with a transplanted kidney to people who never came into contact with it. And sometimes I just don’t want to. So now, I want to describe everything here and in case there is someone interested in details, I can just say “Take a look at my blog”.

However, this blog is not meant to be only about transplantation. I would like it to be more like a diary of things that happen to me, about my thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, about things I like or don’t like, things I do everyday, etc. So, If you want to ask me something, discuss or comment on something, you are more than welcome!

Maybe I should add an explanation of why I am writing this blog in English instead of Czech. Well, to be honest, sometimes, actually many times, I feel like I can better explain my feelings or emotions in English. It just kind of has better or more suitable expressions. And also if this stuff is written in English, it can reach more people, who might find it interesting or helpful.

And why Pinky Kidney? Well, pink is my favorite color and transplanted kidney is the reason why I started to write this blog 🙂

Well, now something more about me. I’m 38 years old divorced single mother of a little girl named Ema, living in Prague, which is the capital of the Czech republic.  I am an enthusiastic runner and I love talking about it! I don’t run long distances and I don’t run very fast but I love it! I also like watching movies, listening to music, playing games, drawing and creating digital graphics, reading books, dancing, cooking (and eating even more), and going for loooong walks to nature.

Enjoy the reading!