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I finished watching the movie about an hour ago and I am still shaking. I know my opinion on this movie might not be objective as I see it from the runner’s point of view but I think it was just amazing. I mean, what happened was terrible and very sad but the movie depicted it so realistically and in a great way that it made cry a lot and I had goosebumps very often.

Just to explain, the movie is about the events that led to the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon run in April 2013, about the explosions, the investigation and the final hunt on the terrorists. What made the movie even more intense was, that some parts were the real camera recordings and also at the end the real policemen and the runners were speaking.

I have to say that it felt really sad and almost physically painful to see the event because as a runner, I love going to these events where there are many people, everyone is enjoying the atmosphere and suddenly when you see what actually happened there, it is just terrible. To write the truth, there were few moments in the movie, where you can clearly say they probably happened a little different and the movie makers just made them a bit more colorful, but I think it doesn’t matter. The things really happened, the people really died and the terrorists were really caught. I don’t like much those Hollywood movies where American policemen are heroes and almost can do supernatural things, but this movie surprised me in the best possible way. And Mark Wahlberg added one extra point to the rating 😉

My rating is definitely 9/10.