The are many restrictions now in the Czech Republic because of the corona-virus pandemic. One of them is, that people are not allowed to leave their homes without some kind of mouth and nose protection. I already tried walking with the medical veil and I wasn’t almost able to breathe, so there was no chance I could run with it.

When I was looking for some other option, I found a pile of few unused cloth tunnels, that we sometimes get at the races. So finally, I found a use for them! As it was quite sunny and 16 degrees outside, I was a bit afraid of this experiment, but you never know until you try!

During the first kilometer, the tunnel was constantly falling from my nose and I was nervous because I wasn’t able to focus on the run. When I finally fixed it, I started to feel a lack of oxygen supply and started to feel dizzy. Fortunately, I just came to a field, where there was no one in the very big perimeter, so I decided to remove the tunnel from my nose and get some fresh air. It was such a relief!

I ran without the cover through the whole field and then when I was coming closer to the houses, I put it back. Somehow this time the lack of oxygen wasn’t that bad, so I was able to finish the run quite comfortably.

Despite I was sweating five times more than normal and felt tired like I finished half-marathon, I managed to run 4,49 km in 31:29, which is great under such circumstances.

I was really happy (only it’s not visible on the picture :D)!