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Being quarantined because of the corona-virus has also some advantages. One of them is, that I can watch many movies and so I just saw this one on Netflix and I loved it!

The story isn’t easy to describe as it gets more and more complicated on the way. However, let’s say it is about one single mother Stephanie (played by amazing Anna Kendrick), having a son, running a vlog for other single mothers, and another mother Emily (played by Blake Lively), who is married, has a son as well, together with a well-paid job, beautiful house and handsome husband. When her best friend goes missing, Stephanie starts to investigate herself (and informs her followers on the vlog) to uncover the truth behind the disappearance. She finds out that her friend wasn’t who she thought she was and reveals several secrets from her past. Eventually, Stephanie also finds out that Emily faked her own death.

I was really having fun and enjoying every single minute of the movie. The great contrast between Emily’s and Stephanie’s personalities and approach to life creates great awkward, surprising and funny moments and made me laugh out loud a few times. The movie is filled with story twists, secrets and unexpected situations. I really loved the performance of both the actresses and just the whole mood of the movie was great.

My rating is 8/10, maybe 8,5/10, well something like that 🙂