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I don’t like comedies much, especially when Adam Sandler is involved, but this movie was one of the best I saw lately. The whole movie is stylized in Agatha Christie’s mood where everything is complicated, everyone has a motive to kill and you never know what is going to happen in the next few minutes. However, it is also very funny and made me literally laugh out loud a few times while constantly asking “What the hell?”.

The story is quite simple for a kind of detective movie. A couple of a NY cop and his wife travel to Europe for a vacation and meet a rich guy in a plane, who invites them to his uncle’s yacht. During the sail, a murder is committed and they become the main suspects. And guess what, they need to find out who the murderer was and prove they are innocent while being chased by the police and the real culprit.

The movie is very nicely playing with the contrast of kind of not very rich yokels with the behavior of the wealthy high society people. It was really fun to watch and I especially liked the combination of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as a married couple. Also, Luke Evans gave it a great sparkle with his royalty like character. It is definitely worth watching.

For me, as a non-comedy lover, I give it 7/10.