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I like this author, so when I saw this book in the library, I knew immediately that I had to read it. Jojo Moyes writes in very catchy style when you just have to check the following page and then you find out it is 2 am in the morning.

This book was a bit slower at the beginning and it took me longer to get caught by the story but then again, I was desperate to know how it would continue and eventually end.

The story is a about Liza McCullen, who moved to Silver Bay in Australia two years ago from UK with her daughter Hannah and now they live together with her aunt Kathleen in her small hotel. They live quiet and slow life in the local community, mostly interested in ships, whales and dolphins, until once a guest arrives, Mike Dormer, who is a businessman. At the beginning they think that Mike just came to vacation and he kind of becomes part of their community. But once they find out that Mike is actually making research in the area for investors, who want to build a hotel and amusement center, the community starts to be against him. On the other side, Mike starts to doubt if building the hotel there would be a good idea or not. And also there will be love involved and one very big surprise at the end (which I was suspicious about from like the middle of the story ;)).

I like the writing style, where the book is written from various characters’ perspective. So one chapter is written from Liza’s view, one from Mike’s, one from Kathleen’s, etc and they switch. This way you can get great overview of the story from different points of view and notice various details.

In this particular book, I was enjoying the description of the nature, the calm and quiet small town, the whales, dolphins and other nature, where I was clearly imagining living myself. And I was also enjoying the contrast with the fast pace life of Mike in UK. It was a very nice story and I can’t wait to read another book from this author. I give it 8/10.