Calming Lia is a mobile game, which we created in Mingle Games. It was released both on iOS and Android in 2017 after a few years of development. At first, I was doing only administration and helping others with their tasks, but during the time of the development, I started to help mainly with localization, community management and testing, which made me fell in love with the game. Later, I also started to create small graphic assets and screenshots for the stores.

The game is about a little girl Lia, who is having nightmares when she sleeps. She has a plushy teddy bear Bao, who comes to life when Lia fells asleep and helps her to fight the monsters in her dreams.

The gameplay is based on the match three principles with the difference that you don’t move or connect the neighboring objects but you need to move the whole rows or columns to match three or more objects of the same kind. With connecting the tiles you fight the monsters.

Except for this main gameplay, you can also collect beautiful jewels that can make Lia and Bao stronger in their fights with the monsters, or you can play the magic box, which can give you various boosters, gold or diamonds.

I love the game for its beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. I usually love to play it when I am traveling but also sometimes at home when I just need to put my legs on the table, drink some tea and just relax. However, as I am obsessed with passing the whole map with three stars, I have big patience and strong will to repeat any level so many times to achieve them, so sometimes the relax becomes very passionate 😀