Since I was a kid, I always liked drawing, painting and creating art. A few years ago, I started to play with the idea to start studying some computer graphics software, to be able to create my own pictures or to contribute to the games we were creating in Mingle Games.

I started to do research among our artists and also on the internet about what software is available and which one would be the best for me. Then I decided to try Adobe Illustrator as it seemed to be the most common used one.

The beginning wasn’t easy as Illustrator is quite complicated tool, but I started to watch Adobe tutorial for beginners and also went for a three days course, where they shower us various techniques and tricks that would help us to use it. I also started to watch some tutorials on YouTube.

Once my friend told me, that it is also possible to sell the picture you create on various portals. I signed me up to Shutterstock (my portfolio can be found here) and Fotolia by Adobe (my portfolio can be found here). There are not many pictures yet, as I often don’t finish my pictures. I usually just follow some tutorial and then leave the picture unfinished. However, when I am in the right mood, I create some similar picture, finish it properly and put it to my portfolio. There is always a chance that someone might like it and buy it. So far, these picture didn’t earn much money, I just take it as a pleasant activity 🙂