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This was one of the slowest movies I have ever seen. I haven’t heard about
it until I saw it on TV and I wish I never did as for me, it was a waste of

The story is about a married couple Vanessa (Angelina Jolie) and Roland
(Brad Pitt), who arrive at a hotel in France to repair their marriage. They
meet another new weds couple Lea and Francois, who is staying in the same hotel, in the next room. Vanessa finds out, that there is a hole in the wall, through which they can watch the other couple and together with Roland, they do so. In the end, Vanessa tries to sway Francoise but Roland finds out and stops it. Then both couples leave the hotel. The incident kind of releases the emotions that Vanessa was holding inside her and the couple’s relationship improves.

The movie is full of nudity, sex and brutality and I believe it was supposed
to show the dark feelings that Vanessa and eventually also Roland hold in
themselves but more than this, it was just boring, full of scenes of nothing
telling pictures. I was impatiently awaiting the end and hoping something would have happened but it didn’t.

My rating is 4/10.