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After the big disappointment from the Batman vs Superman movie, I decided to give DC another chance with the Justice League. And I have to say this movie was way better than the previous one.

The story starts after Superman’s death when Batman decides to create an army of superheroes to fight the growing evil he doesn’t fully understand yet. He talks to Aquaman, who refuses him, and to a guy, who was hit by lightning and since then is very fast. This guy agrees to join Batman and starts to call himself The Flash. When the evil Steppenwolf appears from the darkness, also Wonder Woman joins them and eventually also Victor Stone, whose father made him half cyborg to save his life. In the end, also Aquaman decides to help them and together they manage to enliven Superman. All together they fight Steppenwolf and manage to save the planet from being destroyed.

The story is nothing original but this time there were at least some good fights and jokes so I was quite enjoying watching the movie. To be honest, I don’t know what more to write about it.

Rating 7/10.