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When you are ill, you take literally anything to watch in order to prevent dying of boredom. And this is exactly how I came across this movie. I was anxiously switching TV channels and trying to find anything to watch that I haven’t seen already three times.

The story isn’t bad, basically a girl (Lane Daniels performed by Hilary Duff) that desperately wants to find love and similarly desperately wants to work for Cosmo. From the head editor of the magazine she gets a task to write an article about finding love among men in suits. So she finds herself job in an investment company and starts to write the article. Of course, they find out what she is really doing and she gets fired, but in the end they realize that they need her and also she finds out that she really loves her boss Tom.

Yeah, this super-romantic, naive story for teenagers happened exactly like this. How hard it can be for someone writing articles about fashion and cosmetics to get a job as an executive assistant to the department boss? Ok, well, when you are ill, desperate and you switch the brain, the movie is quite ok. I really have nothing more to say to this.

Rating 4/10.