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This is a classical romantic movie, only with not that classical end.

The movie is based on a romantic novel written by Nicholas Sparks. The main character is Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane), a mother of two kids, who lives separated from her husband. She promises to help her friend to take care of her guesthouse in Rodanthe during her vacation, where she meets the only guest Paul Flanner (Richard Gere). Paul is a surgeon, who came to Rodanthe to talk to a husband of his last patient, who died while his operation. During his stay in the guesthouse, he gets closer to Adrienne and they fell in love. After Paul draws his business in Rodanthe, he leaves to Ecuador, because he also wants to make peace with his son. They are communicating with Adrienne via letters and are looking forward to meeting again. However, instead of Paul, his son arrives to tell Adrienne that Paul died in Peru.

The movie is very pleasant, sometimes slower, sometimes more dynamic but not boring. It is very relaxing and I was enjoying the whole story. At the end it is also quite emotional, so basically classical romantic story.

My rating is 6/10