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There are few movies that kind of describe my life, my thoughts, my feelings, me. With one only difference – the main characters always do something about what’s wrong in their life. So far, this applies to Wild and this movie.

I have already seen this movie twice and it made me cry each time. The story is quite simple – a young woman realizes she is not happy in her marriage and that she wants her life to take a different direction, however, she doesn’t know where. So she decides to travel to Italy, India and Bali to find it out.

The strong thing about this movie (for me) is that she takes the step from ordinary life in New York and just goes to unknown places in order to change her life. On the way she realizes how amazing it can be to live fully every single moment of the presence and enjoy the little things life is offering.

I find myself in a very similar situation as I know my life is not as I want it to be but I just don’t have the bravery to make a step like Reese in Wild or Liz in Eat pray love to do something about it. Or even just as little as to at least find out what I actually want from my life.

Anyway, always when I watch this movie, it reminds me these thoughts and therefore I rate it 10/10.