As I wrote last time, I was literally counting minutes to end the program. The last two days were something like a self-torturing process. I even forgot to take pictures of my meals during the last day, because I was too excited that it would finally be over.

I was planning to continue with slowly adding various types of food to find out if my body was reacting to something, but to be honest, I couldn’t. As soon as I finished the last day of the program, I literally jumped to classical (unhealthy) Czech food. I had meat with creamy sauce and dumplings, officially called “Svíčková”, and it was a pure foodgasm. This food never tasted as good as the first day after I finished the whole30 program.

So, was it worth going through? I think so, but it was hell. Here is a list of some positive and some negative results:


  • First of all, I started to sleep better and needed to sleep less to feel fresh and full of energy
  • I got rid of my mood swings and also with my depressions- I got rid of munchies on sweets
  • I got rid of munchies on sweets
  • I lost 4 kilos (but was hoping for more)
  • I found out I have a very strong will 😀
  • I had the best blood results in a very long time (including sugar level)


  • After some time, I started to hate eggs. I just ate too many of them at the beginning and was suffering just when I started to think of them
  • I lost desire in food. I wasn’t as hungry as before I started the program, and generally had to force myself to eat, but didn’t enjoy the food much

Generally, this program is meant for people, who have some digestion problems and want to find out if they are allergic or sensitive to some specific food. I wanted to lose weight, clean up my body and stabilize the blood sugar level. All the three goals were achieved, so I can honestly write it was definitely worth it. But will I ever want to go through this again in my life? HELL NO!

So, here is the last meals diary:

Day 29

  • Breakfast: Green salad, yellow pepper, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green apple
  • Lunch: Turkey minced meat, grilled potatoes, onion, sweet potato, yellow pepper, fresh salad (various green and red salads)
  • Dinner: Sauerkraut soup (sauerkraut, potatoes, carrot, sweet paprika, onion, smoked pork meat)