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I came across this movie by chance on TV when I was ill and was just switching channels. And when I saw Drew Barrymore there, it caught my attention. It is a very easy-going movie that reminded me of the Free Willy movie as the story was about saving whales.

Only this time the whales were trapped in fast increasing ice in Alaska and the migration of the whale family was endangered. When one unknown local reporter made a TV report about it, a Greenpeace activist Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore) arrived to organize the needed help for them. There was also the government involved and the CEO of some mining company (Ted Danson) and in the end also a Russian icebreaker involved in this.

Big Miracle is a family or kids movie just as Free Willy was. It was pleasant to watch it and it had a happy end. Just exactly the movie you want to watch when you are ill. Oh, and it was based on a true story. For me, the rating is 6/10.