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No. Just no. Despite the fact that a conflict between two superheroes might be quite an original idea, I didn’t like the theme of the movie from the beginning and was resisting watching it for quite some time. I decided to give it a try in the end as it was another movie that belongs to the DC world but despite the standard good performance of the actors, I was suffering most of the time. Basically, DC made Batman the villain here, because, despite the reason he had for his actions, he was acting like one. All villains have their reasons why they do the bad stuff and here Batman found his own, being suspicious toward Superman. In some scenes, he was really hateful and mad and I just didn’t like it at all.

The story is about that Batman (and others) are mad at Superman for bringing the warriors from Krypton to Earth and starting the fight that caused big losses of lives. He also becomes suspicious about why is Superman helping people, if there were some political reasons for his behaviour and if he could anytime in the future turn against the Americans (yes, not against the humans or the Earth, but the Americans, but whatever). So Batman decides to kill Superman.

For me, the movie started quite slowly, nothing that surprising or exciting happening, just showing how Batman saw the fight of Superman and Zod and then Batman’s childhood. After some time, it gets better and more interesting but somehow the whole movie keeps some kind of slow pace. However, what made me kind of laugh was, when Luthor finally brings his mutant of Zod and himself to life. The scene was kind of mix of Lord of the Rings and Godzilla, as the way the mutant was bred was clearly inspired by Saruman breeding his Uruk-hais and the final look of the beast was kind of mix of Uruk-hais and Godzilla. As in most of the DC movies, there are great visual effects and hard fights in the movie, but to my taste, it is missing “something” – the secret ingredient that makes, for example, Marvel’s Thor or Ironman movie that you can watch over and over again.

If I forget about the story of the movie, I liked the performance of the actors, for me, Ben Affleck was better in his performance than Henry Cavill who almost didn’t show any emotions during the whole movie. I am not sure if it was intended to show that Superman doesn’t have them or if it is just the way Cavill plays. However, what I liked the most, was the performance of Jesse Eisenberg performing the Lex Luthor character. He was really maniacal and after the bonus scene, his last words really stayed in my head for some time. This is exactly how I imagine a psychopath.

My rating is 1/10