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I liked this movie. The story is nothing new but the movie was full of action from the beginning till the end and didn’t have those slow emotional moments, philosophical discussions or dramatic kisses in the middle of a fight.

The story is about a police sergeant Jake Roenick who used to be an undercover but his mission failed, so he is now sergeant at the Precinct 13. At New Year’s eve there arrives a bus that transports those arrested to prison but is redirected due to the weather. After their arrival, the building is attacked by corrupt policemen, who want to kill one of the arrested but in the end, they want to kill everyone in the building to cover their deception. So the policemen inside the building need to team up with the arrested criminals in order to be able to survive the assault.

I like how Ethan Hawke performed the sergeant with his mental issues and unsolved past. There were also many of those actors that you know from supporting roles in the movies but don’t know their names. And they were great as well. But which character I like the most, was Beck played by John Leguizamo. He played his role very well as someone who is on the bottom of the society, trying to impress the big gangster (played by Laurence Fishbourne) he just met but being a slimy drug addict at the same time.

The movie was nothing amazing that I would need to see it again but it was also not bad, and give it rating 6/10.