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I was really looking forward to seeing this new version of Superman as I grew up on those old movies and TV series based on this character. But to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. The movie sure had great visual effects and costumes but from the beginning it somehow wasn’t fun. No jokes, no excitement, I don’t know, somehow it just felt empty in some way.

I think I don’t have to write the story here as it is classic story about the planet Krypton being destroyed and the baby being sent to the space to survive and also the villain general Zod chasing him and wanting to kill him and destroy the Earth, etc. There were slight changes from the classical old story but nothing too important.

I have to say that nice surprise were the good actors in the movie. I liked Kevin Costner as Clark’s (step) father was very real and it was only pity that he didn’t have more space there. Also Russell Crowe as his real father was great and some other.

But what was really annoying for me, were the mistakes or illogical moments in the movie. For example, why would Clark’s father sacrifice himself for saving a dog? Or why were everything organizing, deciding and approving USA generals when the whole world was threatened? Well, this is quite common in Hollywood movies but it always boils my blood when I see it. At least they didn’t put the big USA flag flying in the wind at the end.

Anyway, for me it was not totally waste of time. As I already mentioned, it had nice visual moments and good performance of the actors and it was nice seeing new version of the classical story. However, somehow DC just isn’t as good in making movie as Marvel is, at least from my point of view.

I give the movie rating 5/10.