Yesterday I went for another race after a long time. It was run from the series Run Tour and it took place at Ladronka, my favorite park in Prague. You can decide between 5 km and 10 km run. When I got the Run Tour Master title in 2015 I ran only the 5 km race but this time I decided to go for the longer ones. So 10 km it was.

It was a beautiful sunny day (too much for me to be honest). At 10:20 was race 500 m for kids born between 2010 and 2016 where Ema was also running. All the way to the park she was telling me that she is grown up already and that this time she wants to run alone again (she did for the first time in June in Budějovice, before always my mom was running with her). My grown up daughter.

She was running very nice and I could see on her that she was enjoying it. She finished the race in 3:09 and was totally happy that she managed to finish it herself. I know it is a short run but I was really proud of her and very happy for her.

My run was starting after lunch so after Ema finished I had lots of time to meet my friends from Bajecne zeny v behu and talk to them a lot. I also had a great but totally unhealthy snack (sausages with ketchup and bread, yummy!).


The run was starting at 1 pm and I believe that at that time it was the hottest weather from the whole day. It felt like million degrees and I was really afraid of it. The first three kilometers were pretty much ok as we were running in shadow and little bit downhill but then it turned to the sunny side and also uphill. The worst possible combination.


Fortunately there were many people cheering for us and it was really helping me a lot so I didn’t even walk, just slowed down  a bit. The real crisis came after 4th kilometer as I started to feel really overheated. So I tried to walk a bit and fortunately I started to feel better.


Fortunately the 6th and 7th kilometers were in the shadow again so it felt much better. The rest of the run I kept telling myself that its only 3..2..1 kilometer to the finish so I just can’t walk! And I didn’t and moreover I speeded up a bit at the very end and I was totally happy and totally exhausted.


This time it was probably the first time I felt good during the whole run regarding my breath and my legs. I could really feel that I was training enough before. The only real problem was the terribly hot and sunny weather. So my goal to finish the 10 km run under 60 minutes was not reached but I don’t give up!