Oh well, posting late but better late than never, no?

My classic Monday afternoon – taking Ema to her gymnastics training and going running. Weekly routine which I really enjoy. On Monday, June 13th again. I wanted to run some longer run as I didn’t manage to do so during the weekend. It was pretty hot but cloudy and from time to time even few drops fell down so it felt very good. When I finished my classic run which is around 5 kilometers, I was wondering which way to continue as I didn’t want to run away from the car. And so I decided to discover the close area. It was pretty fun trying to run as far away as possible, as fast as possible but not getting lost at the same time. I think the map of the run speaks for itself:


Well, in the end I did 7.5 km in 50:36 mins and had a great feeling.

On Wednesday, June 15th I decided to go for a morning run because there was no other time available for it as we were having team building dinner in the evening. The first two kilometers felt very good but from the third I started to feel that something was not good. I started to feel very weak and a bit dizzy so I better decided to run back home. I even had to walk the last 50 meters as I wasn’t able to run anymore. I ran 3.47 km in 24:30 mins.


I took a shower and had a breakfast which made me feel a bit better but still it wasn’t good. I had an appointment with my doctor because of the blood thinning control later that morning and so I decided to go there and I wanted to go to work after.

However, after the control I started to feel very weak and I also started to feel herpes on my lip which always means that my body fights with something. So I decided to go home instead. As soon as I came home I went to bed and slept for several hours. When I woke up I felt ill. So I just stayed in bed the whole day and just watched movies and was trying to get get better. And I did the same also on Thursday.

On Friday I already felt better so I went to work but I still wasn’t 100% well. I started to be afraid of the Saturday run as I really wanted to go there. So on Friday night I dosed myself with all possible vitamins, pills and teas against runny nose and cough and was hoping that everything will be fine.

On Saturday, June 18th was the day of the most beautiful run in my life. It was called Behej lesy Karlstejn. To explain, behej lesy means Run forests and Karlstejn is one of the most famous castles in Czech republic located in a very beautiful nature.  The run was through the nature around the castle and one part was also through quarry Amerika which is normally closed but was opened just for this run.

There were many Wonderfull women (and men) in run:


Everyone was very excited before the run:


The official picture from the run at the Amrika querry:


And the happiness after the run (high five with my daughter):podobehu

And it was like this: