Monday, June 6th. Ema had her gymnastics training again today so I had almost two hours time for my running. I didn’t know how it’s gonna be and if my legs had enough recovery after the Saturday race but I decided to try.

Very soon I found out that the legs were not recovered enough and it was very, very painful run. I guess I should have waited one more day, but Ema has her training on Monday so I didn’t have much choice.

Anyway, I managed to do 5.47 km even with some up hills running and despite I had terrible time, I was pretty happy about the run. Now I need to give my legs longer recovery…those almost three days until training with Lukas on Thursday should be enough.IMG_0486


Thursday, June 9th. Today I was supposed to go to training with Lukas. Unfortunately because of my ex-husband who forgot to bring me my bag with running clothes as we agreed, I had to change plans. So I went home and decided to go for a run in order to prevent killing him. As I was full of anger, the run was very good and pretty fast 😀 I even tried some nearby scoops and stairs and also did some fartleks and just tried to do some stuff I normally don’t do. It felt very, very awesome and it helped me to get rid of my anger and actually made me happy in the end even though it was only 4.27 km.



Saturday, June 11th. Today I wanted to do the last longer run before next week 12 km race, the goal was around 8 km. It was perfect weather around 15 degrees and very slightly raining when I started. I ran my usual route through a nearby large park but on the way I decided to run up a heap that is in the middle and I never had the courage to try it. So I did this time and I loved it! It is very steep and full of bushes and small trees so it is actually fun looking for the right path. When I crawled to the top I thought I was gonna die but the view totally amazed me. I decided to go there every time I run through the park and always manage to run more and more and the goal will be to once run it to the top. Something like Rocky had his stairs, I will have my heap 😀


Unfortunately running up the heap took me more strength then I expected and my legs started to hurt soon after so I decided to shorten the run and in the end it was only 6.63 km but I had very good feeling from it.

When I came home I did some abs exercise including plank, 15 push ups and some short exercise with 4 kg weights. Today I really destroyed me, awesome!