When a man loves a woman on IMDB

Today I watched the movie again after many years. And I cried. A lot. Basically the story is about a woman Alice Green who seems to have everything – loving husband Michael, two beautiful little daughters Jess and Casey, good job, name it…but in fact she is an alcoholic and the movie is about her fight with this addiction and her return to normal life.

The story is very strong and the movie is full of very emotional moments especially when the kids are involved. And the emotions are being supported not only by excellent performance of Meg Ryan, Andy Garcia and Tina Majorino but also by awesome music like the soundtrack from Percy Sledge or the Everybody hurts song from REM.

For me the movie was even stronger as it made me compare her life to mine in some way because alcoholism is also illness and there were several thoughts that the main character had which I had as well in the past and I realized that she was dealing with so many similar situations as I was or still am sometimes.

Even though this movie is more than 20 years old, it is just awesome and for me it has rating 11/10.