Yeah, one post for 4 weeks. I know I used to write one post for one or max two weeks but this time there was not much to write and also I was pretty busy. During the week 18 (9th May – 15th May) I didn’t exercise at all. No running, not weigh lifting, nothing.

The following week I decided to try to go to training with Lukas on Thursday, May 19th and see what happens. It was great and I felt great so I decided to try some run again soon. At the training we were doing the running alphabet again, then some interval running and in the end some exercises to improve the running technique and also some exercises with our own weight. This time I tried to track how much we approximately run during the training and the result was 5 km, nice! I looked like this:


My muscles were strained the following three days, so I wasn’t able to go running, but it was great feeling and totally worth it.

I went for a run the following Monday, May 23rd. I started to use the time when my daughter is on her gymnastic class and I have almost two hours time for myself. The run felt very good despite I felt that my condition was not as good as before. But I felt joy from the running and was totally enjoying it the whole way. IMG_1534

I wasn’t able to go for another run until Saturday, May 28th and so I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately the weather was terrible, it felt like running in sauna and I managed only 4,35 km and even during this short run I had to walk a lot. Few hours later strong storms with thunders and lightnings came.IMG_1535

And finally the last week. I had a 10 km race planned on Saturday so I had to take at least one run during the week. I found some time on Wednesday, June 1st and so I went. I knew it was the last run before the race and so I wanted to try how much I could run. The weather was pretty good but I was a bit tired from work. Anyway, in the end I managed more than 6 km run and was convinced that I will manage to finish the Saturday run. With no time ambitions.IMG_1536

And the the D day came. Saturday, June 4th. Me and my father were signed for a Half Marathon in Ceske Budejovice but we were supposed to run so called 2Run (relay) which means that the half marathon distance was split between us – I was running the first 10 km and my dad than continued the following 11 km.

From the beginning I didn’t have any time ambitions as I was not training enough and after all those health issues I was just happy that I can actually run. The weather was so so, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes even raining.

From the beginning I was for no specific reason feeling very good and full of energy. The crowd forced me to run faster than I wanted and I was afraid that I would regret it later but I didn’t! Ia have to admit that I had to walk few times to catch my breath again but overall I had a great feeling from the run and I was really enjoying it. Even more with the people cheering around the streets. It felt just awesome.

At the end of my run, there was waiting my dad to get the relay stick from me and we ran the last 50 meters together and than he continued with his part. How surprised I was when I found out that I finished the 10 km run in my personal best! It was 1:02:05 with average pace 6:15 mins/km.

And moreover, I finally managed to finish 5 km under 30 mins! So I did my personal best on two distances at once. That was just the best feeling in a long time and I was really enjoying it. So the next goal is to finish 10 km under 1 hour 🙂

Me, my dad, my uncle and my cousin