One thing is really good on spending time in a hospital where they don’t have free internet: lots of time for reading books. One of the latest I read there was Dragon Age. When I was reading it, it felt very similar to reading books from Tolkien. There were even dwarfs and elves (not hobbits though).

The story is pretty easy – It is about country of Ferelden occupied by the neighbouring Orlesian Empire in the lead with Meghren and his fellow mage Severan. Moira, the queen of the rebels, is killed and her son Maric escapes and is saved by two men and brought to a camp of Fereldan outlaws where they don’t know who he is. When they find out, it is already late and the camp is attacked by the Orlesian soldiers looking for him. Led by Loghain, one of the rebels, he manages to escape. They become friends and Loghain helps Maric to travel to his allies and later even to lead army of rebels against the invading soldiers.

There is also love involved where Maric is engaged to beautiful Rowan but Loghain also fells in love with her and also beautiful Elf Katriel who was supposed to kill Maric but fell in love with him instead. The story ends with priestess Ailis telling Maric and Rowan’s son stories about the war and fall of Meghren.

I liked the book a lot and can’t wait to read the second one. The whole story is very well written – all areas, characters, situations and emotions described in a way that the reader feels like actually being there. From my point of view, one of the books really worth reading. I give it 9/10.