This week I didn’t do any exercise. After my run on Saturday many people who also suffered from thrombosis in the past told me that it was not good idea and that I shouldn’t run or exercise yet. Just walk. So I was walking as much as I could but I didn’t exercise. Mostly around 10k – 12k steps per day.

The worst side effect of not running or exercising, besides the fact I am gaining some extra weight, is, that I am having depressions. yesterday it hit me very hard and I was barely able to get out of bed because of toilet and food. I don’t have depressions very often but when I do, it’s pretty tough. Mostly it happens when I stop doing physical activity.

And therefore today, on Sunday 8th May, I decided that I will better die earlier but happy that I can run and overall do things that I like than living longer life full of depressions and sadness. It might be weird thoughts but whats the life worth if it’s long but empty?

So in the evening when the sun was almost down, I went for an awesome run. Nothing long just 4.27 km but I felt so awesome that I can’t even explain. And it was not bad at all, with regard of the fact that I am almost not training at all, I finished the run in 26:50 mins which means the pace was 6:17 mins/km, which is great! It looks like the less I train, the better I run! 😀