During the last two weeks I was more or less suffering from depressions and exhaustion. The more I slept the more tired I was and wasn’t really able to do write anything here. Hopefully it will be better now. So here is a “short” summary of my exercises during that period.

On Tuesday, March 29th I started with two weeks carbs intolerance test . I wanted to test if all the weird feelings and head aches I had after eating sweet food was caused by intolerance or it has some other cause and I also wanted to improve my diabetes. Last but not least, I wanted to lose some weight and improve my running performance. For all these aspects the test sounded great for me.

I didn’t have much problem following the rules as I eat lots of meat, cheese and other allowed stuff. And I was really amazed by the fact that during the diet I didn’t have any craving for sweets. Actually I didn’t have any craving at all. And I felt very good. Till the end of the second day. At Wednesday night I woke up with terrible and strong cramps in my whole legs. It was very intense and very painful. As I knew that I was using enough magnesium, I decided to take some carbs and I took sweet yogurt with fruits from the fridge and small Kinder chocolate. In about 15 to 20 minutes the cramps were gone. Well, this was very VERY weird experience.

I must say that it probably caused the depressions that came after because I was really hoping that this diet could help me with several problems and I was only able to follow it for two days. I was feeling very bad mentally so I better took home office for the following two days.

On Thursday, March 31st I tried to go for a run to improve my condition a bit and I was only able to run 3,7 km. My running always get worse if my mental condition gets worse, but at least I forced myself to go out and do something.


On Sunday, April 3rd I tried to run again in my favorite park Ladronka. I like it there because most people go there to do some sport activity. But it was terrible again, just couldn’t force my legs to move and just didn’t have any joy from the run. Depressions are really terrible stuff they don’t even allow you to do stuff that you normally like and that makes you happy…IMG_1340

Tuesday, April 5th I already felt better mentally so I went for a run again. It was only 4,2 km but I had again that joy from running and the run was at least pretty fast, so I was happy.     IMG_1341

Wednesday, April 6th I was supposed to pick up my daughter at my ex-husband and I lent him my car the previous day as his was being repaired. So what was I supposed to do? Run of course! If it wasn’t for crossroads where I had to wait for the green light, it might have been pretty fast run. It made my day so much better! I like morning runs more and more.


On Thursday, April 7th I went for my regular training with Lukas. This time it as really great one. Of course we were doing some running alphabet but he was also explaining us how to use feet, ankles and other parts of the body properly to improve our running style and in the end we were running intervals – 200 meters fast, 200 meters walk. I loved this! The other day my legs hurt pretty a lot 😀

On Friday, April 8th I went for yoga class instead of lunch. After many years. What surprised me was, that I was the only one there. Oh well, private lesson, not bad. The teacher (in fact kind of famous woman here in Czech republic – Katerina Kornova) was explaining me how to the asanas correctly and I was really enjoying the whole class a lot. Will definitely go there again soon. Hopefully I will find time to go there regularly.

I must admit that after few days of exercise I really needed relax so on Saturday I was really not exercising at all, moreover I went to sauna. It was not very relaxing mentally as I am really not used to be naked next to other naked strangers but I felt that it was very good for my muscles so I stayed there for 2 hours. I am not sure I will ever go there again though.

On Sunday, April 10th I tried to run again but I could totally feel that my muscles still hurt so I made it just short and relaxing run.