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This movie is one of my favorites. Almost always when I watch it, it makes me cry because it is full of various emotions – love, pain, hope, disappointment, anger, etc. The story is happening around Christmas and is actually a mix of several different stories, where the main characters are solving various life situations, but somehow they are connected to each other. There are many great actors and some buzz from this movie have already become legendary. At the beginning, they say…”Love actually is all around…” which brings a lot of hope to my life.

I mostly watch it when I am sad because this movie is somehow able to comfort me and improve my mood even despite it always makes me cry a lot. Bill Nighy is just unforgettable in his role of an old rocker, who is trying to come back to the top with a remake of the popular song Love is all around. Also others like Rowan Atkinson and his detailist shop assistant or Hugh Grant as a British prime minister dancing in his office..etc…I could continue for a long time but this movie is just gorgeous. Definitely must watch!

I love this movie and so I cannot give it another rating than 10/10.