I really did rest on Monday. I spent the afternoon with my daughter and then took long hot bath with relaxing music in the evening. And so I was full of energy again on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 22nd. I wanted to find out if I am able to run slowly. I heard on several forums people talking about loosing weight and getting into better condition when running slowly. So I tried.


I have to admit I was not very successful. It is true that sometimes I run the first kilometer even under 6 mins/km but anyway, I wanted to run around 7 mins/km the whole time. On the other side it surprised me that I managed to finish 5 kilometers in 30:57 mins so it was just close to my long time goal – make it under 30 mins. Well, I have another race in more than 3 weeks so I really really hope I will make it there! It’s a real challenge for me now 🙂

Overall I ran 8,02 kilometers in 53:28 mins. I will have to try 10 kilometers sometimes soon to see if I am able to do it.



Thursday, March 24th. I went to training with Lukas finally again after so many weeks. It was great! Only two more people there but great atmosphere. We did the running alphabet at the beginning as always and then some crazy planking and after that also hanging on our hands together with some hanging leg raises. I couldn’t feel the upper body the whole following weekend. But that’s what I love!

Friday, March 25th. I was travelling with my daughter to my parents by train. It normally takes around 3 hours so I was expecting to be exhausted and just relax. But! It was such an amazing weather that I just couldn’t stay at home. Moreover I managed to convince my dad to come with me. We decided to run up one hill close to our house to find out out how good/bad our condition was. Haha, that was real torture for both of us. When we finally crawled to the top we almost died.

I wanted to continue further so we didn’t finish the run after 2 kilometers and convinced my dad to continue with me. He is not much of a runner, he likes riding bike or playing squash more but he agreed. So we ran another about 2 kilometers and went home.


Sunday, March 27th. On Sunday I asked my dad if we could go for a short ride on a bike. It was awesome sunny weather and I wanted to change the activity for once. He agreed and so we went. I was really enjoying the awesome nature in South Bohemia. We managed to ride 34.97 km and to be honest the last five kilometers were very very painful. On Monday I could hardly work. But I have to admit that I was kind of proud because I didn’t expect I could make it this many kilometers. Can’t wait for the next trip!


Overall this week was pretty active. I think I will do the next one a bit more relaxing so I don’t cause me some injury or illness again.