On Monday, April 11th I started to follow low carb diet together with prepared training from one of well known czech trainers Jakub Bína . For some people he might be controversial but people have great results with him and I saw one big change on one woman from Wonderful women in run. So as I am always opened to new things, I decided to try this. The first day was the whole day fasting. I know this very well already, so no big issue for me 😀

He also told us to try to do as many burpees (without push ups) as we could in 15 mins. I managed to do 125 and than almost died. But it was great feeling.

Tuesday, April 12th continued on low carb diet and I did 10 mins circular training according to Jakub’s video. It included some planks, mountain climbers and other exercise with my own weight.

On Thursday, April 14th I went for my regular training with Lukas. It was great, we were doing alphabet and some core training and Lukas was filming us. However, after this part, we were supposed to run intervals as we did last time. 200m walk, 200m fast run and unfortunately during the first run I got cramp to my right leg. I made a short pause and tried again but the same problem appeared after few meters of running. Unfortunately it was probably again the result of the low carb diet.

When I came home I was looking for some advice from people who were on the same low carb diet program as me what to do and they advised me salt. So I took salt and the cramps stopped. Great, I finally know what to do!

On Saturday, April 16th I ran my second race this year. It was RunTour in České Budějovice. Me and my dad ran 5 kilometers. I love the atmosphere of this race serial, many Wonderful women in run always meet there and overall the organization of the run has very high standard (and very handsome moderator :D)

Anyway, I finished the race in 32:48 mins and was pretty happy because of the lack of training and also because of the tiredness from the low carb diet.

On Sunday, April 17th I woke up with lots of energy despite I was expecting hurting legs and tiredness from the race. I decided to do some short training just to get rid of the energy. I spent 25 mins on stepper and than did some weight training. Together it was more than one hour exercise and I really really enjoyed the shower afterwards 😀