Tuesday, March 8th. Today it was very cold and raining outside so despite I was really looking forward to going for my first run after the illness, I decided to postpone it and better do some training inside. After such a long time of almost not doing anything I was able to do more than I expected and it felt very good:

  • 150 jumping jacks with focus on engaging core
  • 2 x 60 crunches
  • 8 x 30 sec plank variations
  • 20 push ups
  • 30 squats
  • 2 x 15 donkey kicks each leg

Saturday, March 12th. About half a year ago I went to a course of chi running  which is supposed to be “running without effort” and should lower the chance of injury. Since then I started to use this technique and I must say that I really noticed big improvement. However, as I had lots of time to read many running theories during my illness, I found out that the whole time I was probably running in a wrong way.

So I decided to focus on improving my running style. During this run I wanted to breath with nose instead of mouth and into belly instead of lungs. Well, I managed to breath with nose around 400 meters than I almost collapsed. It was impossible! Will have to find out how to train for this. On the other side I managed to breath into belly the whole run so this won’t be a problem.

Overall the whole run felt very good and I didn’t feel any pain or struggle.  And in the end I was very happy because I ran further and faster than the last time before the illness, yay!


Sunday, March 13th. Today I attended 3 hours workshop called “Spine full of life”. The guy who was leading the workshop showed us many ways how to actually improve the mobility and flexibility of our spine and probably even correct some dis-balances. Most of the moves were like dancing. Something like belly dance or Shakira-like dance or so. I must say that even at the end of the workshop I felt some improvement and I would like to try to do some moves every day for few weeks now like the guy suggested and see what it will do with my spine and overall with my flexibility. Can’t wait for tomorrow!