New week is here, how exciting!

Tuesday, February 9th. Today I wanted to go for my first Spartan race training. I signed myself for Spartan Sprint race which will be held in Prague on April 23rd. So I better start training! But when I asked what is the training supposed to be about, they answered me that it starts with 7-8 kilometers run and then about 1 hour special training, comparable to circular training. Ok, I decided I am not there yet. So I just went to fitness in the evening.

I went to orbitrec and did 11,5 km in 30 mins. Not bad, I almost fainted out of the machine at the end 😀 After that I did some abs training (crunches, side crunches, bicycle crunches russian twists with 2,5 dumbbell and 45 sec plank). At the end just 2x 15 lunges with 3 kg dumbbell and also 3 series of pull ups on the machine with 45 kg support.

Then just stretching and sauna. I love sauna! Oh, and not to forget, I rewarded myself with awesome dinner – semi-skimmed curd cheese (omg, that’s what dictionary says, hope it’s correct :D) with fresh blueberries, yum!

Tvaroh a boruvky 002

Wednesday, February 10th. I felt somehow weird that yesterday at fitness I did just orbitrec workout and didn’t run at all. So I woke up early this morning and went for a short run. The plan was to do some intervals together with some slower run as workout and cool down.

I started with few minutes of slower run and than did Tabata intervals running – 8x (20 sec fast run, 10 sec slow run or walk). I gave all I could to it, felt my heart in my head and blood in my lungs. But what surprised me later when I was checking the statistics is, that no intervals are recognizable at the speed record. It looks like I was running with constant speed. So either I run too slow or walk too fast 😀 Oh, well…

But at least after these intervals I was focusing to run in trail to strengthen my ankles and also ran up one short hill twice. Well, nothing special but better 3,09 km run than nothing 🙂  20160210

Thursday, February 11th. In the evening I went for the regular training with Lukas. After the running alphabet routine, he came up with plyometric training.


Our training was similar to the one shown on the picture above, only we had two boxes, one smaller and one bigger. So we started with jumping from the ground to the smaller one, from the smaller one to the higher one and then down to bosu and then sprinting as fast as possible.

I must admit that it was fun as it was so different from what I tried so far that I was really enjoying it. After few rounds my legs were shaking and I was almost not able to walk let alone to run. Very good training, can’t wait how my legs will hurt tomorrow 😀

I wanted to add another training on weekend but on Friday I went with my daughter to my parents and on Saturday I was feeling very tired so I better decided to relax. On Sunday morning I woke up with fever and I felt really ill. In the evening I had temperature 39,3 and my condition became serious. So no more training at all…