Report from this week will not be much about exercise. In fact, not at all. I was convinced that I caught flu at my parents and so I was staying in bed and trying to relax. But when on Tuesday morning the temperature was still high, I decided better to go to doctor just to check if my kidney was ok and if by any chance I didn’t have any other illness.

Oh my god! I am so grateful that I actually decided to go, as they found out that I had very strong bladder inflammation. When the doctor saw that I had CRP 339 she almost fainted. So they decided that they had to put me to hospital and I was fighting for being taken to Prague, to IKEM. So here I am now and it loos like I will be staying here by at least mid of next week.

As I am staying here not being able to do anything, I remembered one of the runners I follow on facebook – Emelie Forsberg. Few weeks ago she actually broke her cruciate ligaments while skiing. She was desperate, sad, angry, all those emotions that belong to this point. She wrote a post about it on her blog and she called it It’s always darkest before the dawn . And that’s what I have to keep saying myself – It’s always darkest before the dawn.