Yesterday I joined another virtual run. It was organized by the same organizer as the first one, RunTour. This time, the runners had to register like for a classic race but just for a symbolic price 100 CZK (approx 4 EUR) plus they could add any sum for the charity (I added 50 CZK which is approx 2 EUR). For this price you got your racing number, Facebook frame, a raffle ticket and some sales to various e-shops.

The distance for the race was just symbolic one kilometer but everyone could race as much as they wanted. I completed only 2,8 kilometers because Ema finally returned from my parents and I wanted her to join me on her scooter. It was a terrible mistake from me because almost the whole run I was listening “Mom, that’s enough, my legs hurt, I want to go back, I am cold, this is boring…”.

Anyway, when I came home, I uploaded my results to their system and only the fastest kilometer from the whole run was counted to the results. Then they put all results together and published a results list. With my time 6:34 minutes for the fastest kilometer, I ended up on 634th place :D.

I really liked the idea of the charity background of this run. The organizer published information that 1454 runner registered for this run and that together we collected 233523 CZK (approx 8468 EUR) which is great! These money will be used for buying disinfection, medical veils and food for homeless people and also for the purchase of remote temperature measurement technology at the entrance to nursing homes in the towns where the RunTour series takes place. I think this is amazing and I will gladly join any such activity in the future.