Today, I was supposed to run with my dad the first race of this season – RunTour 5 km in my hometown České Budějovice but because of the coronavirus pandemic, all the races in the Czech Republic were cancelled. However, the organizer of this series decided to create an online version of the race and I think it was a great idea!

Basically, anyone could run the distance they were supposed to run during the race anywhere and anytime during that specific weekend and then post the results from their sports app to the RunTour Facebook with given hashtags #runtour2020  #runtourbudejovice.

I ran approximately at the time when the real race would take place, starting at 5:56 PM and managed to run 5,2 kilometers in 35:29 min. It was a great run with a clear sky and chilly air and I just loved it.

There were many people like me, 793 runners posted their results to the Facebook page and together we completed 9678 kilometers! It was a very nice substitution for the actual run. It is great that even despite this pandemic and isolation, the running community still finds a way how to follow all the ordinances and restrictions but keep running and stay together, even if it is virtually only.

In the following day, the organizers informed us, that the run was moved to July 25th, so I am looking forward to running the race in person with my dad and others 🙂