Details about the movie Mother’s day in Imdb

This movie is exactly the one you want to watch when you had a hard day with you husband, kids or anyone from your family and all you need is just to switch of brain and enjoy something nice. It is amazingly describing many possible kinds of relationships and situations these relationships can create but in a cute and nice way. Not too much serious, not too much sad, not too much crazy, not too much funny, not too much romantic, just the exact amount of everything to make the movie perfect for a tired calm evening with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate.

The story is nothing new or surprising. There are actually many people who are in some relationship with each other, or create one during the movie, so it is very similar to for example the Valentine’s day movie, only this one is happening few days before and during the Mother’s day. To be honest, it was pleasing for me to see that finally there is a divorced couple, who don’t fight with each other. They actually have quite nice and friendly relationship and it made me happy as I have the same relationship with my ex-husband and his new wife but when I tell somebody that we actually are friends and we like to do things together or spend time together, they think I am weird. Because it is “normal” to fight and make each other’s life hell, and usually even in movies it is common. So I was glad to see this movie was different.

It was also nice to see quite many great actors together like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson or Julia Roberts. They were actually the reason why I started to watch the movie as I didn’t hear about it before but when I saw these ladies casting in the movie, I decided to give it a try. And it was a great decision!

So, overall, I think I can rate the movie with 7/10 as it improved my mood and generally the whole evening 🙂