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I saw an advert for the movie and it seemed to be an interesting theme. I also saw many good actors like Will Smith, Edward Norton or Kate Winslet in it, so I decided to give it a try. The movie is starting very slowly and weirdly. For me, it was quite hard to focus on the story. I can’t and even don’t want to imagine being in the situation of the main character and I really, REALLY hope that I never will, but I am pretty sure that if someone came to me and told me they were Death, Time or Love, I would be very suspicious and maybe even called the police.

Anyway, the story is about a guy, named Howard, who obviously lost his daughter two years ago and is still very much suffering. According to his coworkers and friends, he is acting weird and irrational, which is endangering their company, so they decide to act. They persuade three actors to act as Death, Time and Love and talk to Howard to make him change his behavior and also to sign papers allowing his coworkers to sell the company.

For me, it was all very slow and not even emotional. I know Will Smith can act very emotionally and he is a great actor but in this movie, I just didn’t feel it was real. However, I have to say it had a nice end which I will not spoil here.

As I like many movies to watch them again and again, even the sad or emotional ones, I think I will never want to see this movie again. For me, it was just an average 5/10.