So it’s here again. My transplantation anniversary, 12th in a row. This year I really celebrated it as my mom was visiting me and we had a great time together. As I already wrote last time, there is a Memory of deceased day in the Czech Republic each year on November 2nd. This year this day was also connected to one special event in IKEM ( the hospital where I got transplanted). They officially unveiled a glass panel with names of all deceased donors from 1986 to 2016 written on it. Together it was 2652 names. You can read more about it here and see the pictures on IKEM’s Facebook here.


As my mom was in Prague and this event was happening directly on my anniversary, we just couldn’t miss it. We were watching the ceremony and when it ended we lit a light for all the people named there. I also read all the names from 2005 as one of those was the one most important for me. The one whose kidney still lives with me.

When this event ended, we decided to properly celebrate my anniversary and have a great time. So we did! We went to the hospital cafe and ordered us amazing hot chocolates with whipped cream. Yum! We were chit chatting and enjoying.


When we felt full, fat and sweet enough we went home where we were resting and digesting. And we took a nap. A long one and a strong one. So strong that when we woke up we were thinking about what to do next. And what do two women do when they have lots of time and a free coupon to IKEA worth 50 EUR (3 years old by the way)? They go shoppiiiiing!

We went to IKEA and many furniture, clothes, cosmetics, food and other shops and when my car was full enough, we went home where we were watching tv and talking, having great dinner and enjoying the rest of the day. I think this was one of the best days with my mom in a long time and I am very happy we had it.

I think it is really important to celebrate these occasions because you never know what happens tomorrow. Maybe there will be no such celebration next year so why not to enjoy this one?