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Oh well, this movie is a bit funny, a bit ridiculous, a bit cute, a little fantasy, very sci-fi and very visually beautiful with some good actors. It was not the best movie I ever saw, but when you are tired after the whole day at work and you want to watch something easy and beautiful, this might be the right movie for you.

The story is nothing much original. A young woman finds out that there are other inhabitants of the universe, some of whom are trying to kill her and some are trying to protect her because she is an heiress of intergalactic nobility. Oh, and she also has to save the inhabitants of the Earth by the way.

Channing Tatum looks very sexy with his elvish ears and unshaved chin (and wings omg), Mila Kunis looks beautiful in the wedding dress made of blossoms, Eddie Redmayne is crazy scary and Sean Bean doesn’t die in this movie! Yey! There are some wow visual scenes, some funny scenes and generally the movie is quite easy-going and nice to watch bedtime story.

My rating is 5/10.