I was released from the hospital on Wednesday, February 24, right on my Birthday. But I have to go daily to IKEM for antibiotics infusion for the following 10 days, which means, that I will not be allowed to do anything at least by Saturday, March 5.

Sunday, March 6: I know it was just yesterday when I got my last infusion of antibiotics but I just couldn’t wait any longer for any kind of exercise, so I did at least a bit of something. While I couldn’t exercise, I was at least reading about exercising and eventually became fan of BodyRockTV page. Today they released and interesting article about engaging core in every single exercise you do. So I decided to try (yeah, I want that belly on the picture too :D).

As a warm-up I started with 100 jumping jacks with hard focus on engaging core. That was way harder than normally and I am not sure I did it 100% correct but it was the first time. Next time its gonna be better.

Then I did tabata workout – 8x (30sec workout + 10sec rest) plank variations and after that just 20 push ups, 30 squats and 50 crunches again with focus on engaging core. I guess for the beginning it is enough.

At the end some proper stretching of course. I love how my flexibility is getting better since I started to do stretching regularly about three months ago. Even when I don’t exercise, I try to do at least some stretching every day.