Wild on IMDB

This movie means the whole world to me. Not only that I love Reese Witherspoon and most of her movies but I saw it at the time of my divorce when I felt down, broken and didn’t know what to do with my life. Just totally the same like the main character.

Not that I would have sex with everyone I met or tried drugs or whatever, but I so understood her in the way that she needed to do something big to actually deal with her former life, with her anger and grief and other feelings that were messing inside her head, in order to be able start all over again. I felt the same, I just didn’t find the right big thing to do.

I must admit that I cried many times during the movie and it left really big impression in me. I was admiring how from the total shit what her life actually was, she was able to step by step find her new strength not only on the trail but also in her life in the way of actually sorting out her experience, thoughts and feelings.

As this movie was based on a true story, it actually helped me to believe that no matter in how deep shit you are, if you manage to do the first step out of it towards the change and keep moving even by little steps, things eventually change and get better. In the end I did somehow deal with my divorce and all the emotional roller coaster that came with it as well. Even without doing something this big. But her story and this movie that depicted it so nicely, helped me a lot. I know that I will definitely watch the movie again in the future as it really stayed in my head.

Just 10/10.