On Tuesday I went to fitness to torture my muscles a bit again. At first I did 5 km run in 31 mins which was pretty much improvement from two weeks ago when I did the same distance in 33 mins.

After this cardio I did lots of abs and core exercises including 2x 30 sec plank, russian twists with 2,5 kg weight, crunches, reverse crunches, leg raises, hip raises, etc. After I totally destroyed my abs, I went for TRX.

This time I did only biceps and triceps exercises and moved to pull ups. Now, THAT was challenge! Last week I found out that I was not able to do a single one regular pull up so this time I used a machine which supports you when you go up. Well, better than nothing, I did three series with 50 kg support and was totally destroyed.

After TRX I did 2×20 squats on bosu, 2×20 lunges and went to machine for seated hip abduction exercise. Then just long stretching. In the end I went to sauna for 15 mins, took freezing shower and totally happy went home 🙂

Thursday and my regular training with Lukas. Of course we started with running alphabet, this time in a bit different way. Then we did some circular training with plank, side planks and squats on bosu. In the end we did some crazy exercises on TRX. Nice but this time a bit easier than last time. Nothing really hurt me the other day.

Finally after two days at home with my ill daughter, I went for a run on Sunday. Just had to go for it as the last few days I wasn’t feeling well mentally and also Ema being sick didn’t help me. I made a nice circle around the place I live and it was 6,2 km run. Well, could have been more but it was pretty windy outside which didn’t feel good.

On the other side I ran about half the way on field or muddy grass which felt great. Had to wash the shoes when I came back 😀


Overall statistics for January is 24 km outdoor running, 10 km on treadmill in fitness and around 4 km during running alphabet. Nah, that’s terrible! I know I started later because of the antibiotics but anyway, these numbers are nowhere close where I want to be. Goal for next month is 50 km! (But thinking and dreaming about 100 to be honest)