Before I decided to write a review of this book, I looked up other reviews to find out if others had the same opinion as me or not. Guess what, some loved it, some hated it and many were somewhere between. I am also somewhere between but more on the dislike side of the scale.

Not only was the main character, Susan Green, an annoying person for me from the first chapter, but also the way the book was written was somehow boring for me. Something like reading a newspaper or encyclopedia. Several times I was really considering quitting reading but I don’t do such things. If I don’t like any book, I just read a few pages per day but never stop reading fully.

Fortunately, the story went a bit better after about half of the book, so I was enjoying it way more. The story is about a single, 45 years old woman named Susan Green, who is a perfectly boring person with her perfectly organized life. She has a brother Edward, who lives with their mother in Birmingham, and a friend Richard, who she dates regularly once a week for fun and sex. The whole book starts with the death of their mother, which begins her fight with her brother about the heritage. Susan also, at the same time, finds out that she got accidentally pregnant with Richard.

The story combines two main things which Susan has to deal with – the first one is about the death of her mother, her fight with her brother about the heritage and also about the family history in the end. The other is dealing with the fact that she will become a mother herself, which she didn’t plan, and which brings big changes to her body, emotions and even thinking.

The book has an interesting theme, also the plot is not bad and the end is ok-ish, even though quite expected from a certain point of the book. However, the life of the main character turned upside down in many ways, but the author wasn’t able to create the atmosphere, show the emotions, make me laugh or cry, or anything.

My rating is 5/10.

By the way, I just found out that the book will be soon released on Netflix as a movie with Reese Witherspoon in the main role. I really hope the movie will be better than the book. But it will be for sure, as I like Reese a lot 😉