It has already been several weeks (actually it will be 8 tomorrow) since I isolated myself and started to work from home. I have already created my daily routines, even created plans on how to do it with cooking, cleaning, teaching my daughter without killing her and many other things. However, I was still missing something to enjoy outside work. I started to exercise almost every day, also did a few experiments like the no-poo method or intermittent fasting (will write about it in one of my next posts) but still felt it was not enough.

And then I came up with the idea to come back to my hobby – drawing, painting and digital art. Not that I fully stopped doing these things, I just didn’t have enough time to do it regularly and properly. But it changed now! I had quite a lot of time and taste to do something.

I started to search for some books, tutorials, workshops, YouTube videos and was just researching possibilities. I remembered that some time ago I started to read a book from Mark Kistler – You can draw in 30 days, so I decided to continue where I started and finish the book.

I also realized that I have at home Wacom tablet which belongs to Mingle Games but no one was using it for a few years and I always wanted to learn how to use it and make graphics on it. There won’t be any better time than now! So I unpacked it, installed it, few times wanted to pack it again but in the end, I did my first ever digital drawing on it!

As I really started to spend quite a lot of time with graphics, I decided to also create new art-related accounts on Instagram and Facebook to share my experience, my issues and any thoughts related to creating graphics and to show some of my works. And as I wanted to keep it connected to this blog, I named the accounts Pinkey Kidney Art. There are not many posts yet, but you can check them here:

I also decided to create a new Shutterstock account, as since I want to learn how to do graphics, it might also be good to sell some of my work here and there. I already have one Shutterstock account here but I wanted it to be also connected to this blog and so I created an account called (guess what) Pinky Kidney Art

The amazing thing is also the fact, that when my daughter saw me creating the graphics, she got excited about it and wanted to do it with me. So we sometimes watch tutorials together and create the graphics together. Some quality spent mommy-daughter time šŸ™‚