Especially in winter. On weekends. Like this one! On Saturday morning I woke up with my daughter watching me and asking me: “Mom, are you still sleeping?”. Well…not anymore. But I wasn’t annoyed as I slept very good and so I was actually glad that she woke me up. But as a punishment I grabbed her and was torturing her with my hugs and kisses for few minutes. Poor child 😀

And then I saw it through the window. The clear blue sky and the sunshine everywhere. After few weeks of grey, cloudy, snowy, rainy and whatever the hell sky, it was suddenly totally clear. It somehow made me happy, full of energy and willing to go out and do something.

It started with some great time outside with Ema (from throwing snow on each other through sliding from a small hill (about 5 meters long) to trying to build a snowman from a snow which wasn’t sticky at all). When we came back home after around two hours, we were tired, frozen and very hungry. So I baked us salmon with potatoes and vegetables that we both love and trust me, it tasted like heaven!

After lunch when her dad took Ema to his place, I went for a run. I think I am not able to describe the awesome feeling of running on crunchy snow when the sun is shining, the nature is covered with snow and everything looks so beautiful. It feels so great! No problems exist, nothing is bothering you, nothing matters at that time….just you, your feet and your breath (and where you step so you don’t break your leg on snow and ice)…for me it is kind of meditation. It always fills me with endorphin and I feel like life is amazing.

Well, when I came back home, I received a message that Ema had temperature and was probably ill so it spoiled my mood a bit and I decided to visit her and bring her some stuff she might need. When I saw that sweaty poor little creature I felt sorry for her but she was covered with blankets, slowly eating apple and playing on ipad so she seemed pretty fine. Not really interested in my company. So I started to talk to my ex-husband and his wife and we somehow ended up having great evening with lots of talks, jokes, wine and beers (well, they had…I came with car, so was just drinking water :D). I came back home after 11 pm. Very nice evening.

On Sunday I woke up at 8:30 totally refreshed and full of plans again. First of all I cleaned the flat and then started to work a bit. After few hours I started to write an article about the World Kidney Day which is slowly but surely coming and I promised to write an article about it for one magazine. However, all the time I was writing the article, I was looking through the window to the nearby park and was watching the sunshine covering the nature. Couldn’t focus fully on the writing.

And then I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to go out. Without any plan what to do there, I just needed to leave the flat. So I did. I was walking slowly around without any particular direction, just enjoying the sun, the nature, the snow….for some time I was sitting on a bench and watching people passing me and just felt awesome. Everything was so beautiful and peaceful…I think I spent around two hours there until I started to feel cold and decided to go back home.

However, I felt so full of energy that I turned on Pink and Avril Lavigne on very high volume and started to dance around my flat. After a long time I had that great feeling of total happiness. It’s very rare feeling for me so I was enjoying it fully. At the end I even started to exercise…some squats, push ups, plank, jumping jacks….just needed to use all the accumulated energy! I think my neighbors loved me today 😀

Overall, this weekend was one of the best in a long time (except Ema being ill). I managed to do everything I had planned and even more just because of the sunshine. I love it! I feel very connected to sun and overall to nature which literally fills me with  energy and good mood. Especially in autumn or winter when the sun is not shining very often.