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This movie is very interesting from psychological, social, medical and actually many other points of view. It makes it even more interesting when you realize that it is a true story. Of course, some things or events might be adjusted to make the movie more interesting to watch, but truth is, that Stephen Hawking was a real person, he was very smart and he suffered the ALS. So, whatever was changed in the movie, it cannot change the fact how extraordinary his life was.

Despite being diagnosed with the illness and suffering more and more difficulties caused by his body not working properly, he continued to do all the amazing research and discoveries and also was strong enough to continue with his life. In the movie, there are very strong psychological moments, for example when he gets the tracheotomy and his wife comes with the table with letters, but also many others, that show how hard it had to be living with a great brain being trapped in not functioning body. Those exact moments when you are deciding if all the effort of you and your closed ones is still worth staying alive were very realistically depicted there.

Being on dialysis is nowhere close to being diagnosed with ALS, however, when I was lying on a bed in a hospital while my blood was being cleaned for several hours by a machine, because my body was not able to do it itself, I was very strongly realizing that I was dependant on others and that I could die anytime there was a blackout or failed deliver of the dialysis chemicals and I was very deeply analysing if my life was worth living under such circumstances.

He was very lucky to have great and strong people around him, like his wife, but I think he also was a great and strong person himself when he let her go to another man when he saw that she was unhappy but didn’t want to leave him.

If someone can achieve something like Stephen Hawking have under those hard circumstances, shouldn’t we all be able to achieve something amazing as well when we are not even close to all those obstacles he had to overcome? His advantage was his brilliant brain but I believe that everyone has something he or she is good at and can achieve something great. People just need to want to find it and then develop their skills and that’s usually when most of the potential ends.

I believe this is a greatly motivating movie, very emotional with many deep thoughts and definitely worth watching.

My rating is 9/10.