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Two brothers – Will and Jeff – and their friend Tom are out one night at their favorite South Beach bar when they decide to make a bet on who can be the first to seduce a mysterious-looking young woman drinking by herself. Pretty, dark-haired, blue-eyed Suzy has an innocent – almost ordinary – girl-next-door way about her. “Just waiting for Prince Charming to hit on her,” Jeff says.

But Suzy isn’t as naive as she seems. And she has an agenda of her own. Soon another challenge is born, only this one proves to be lethal. Dark secrets, hidden passions and a story filled with intrigue, The Wild Zone  will keep you in suspense until the very last page is turned.

I just finished reading this book. I chose it from the library of my mom when I was leaving to hospital. Joy Fieding is my mom’s favorite author. For me she is quite ok. She writes mostly horror novels. I read already few of her books but this one somehow did’n catch me.

The plot was very shallow and included all possible cliches -two brothers competing in all possible aspects of life, dealing with the past, hot blonde woman with big boobs, other woman tyrannized by her husband, mentally unstable friend with gun…name it.

The book probably wanted to be shocking but honesty, with all these characters, it had much higher potential. If I wasn’t in hospital, I would probably stop reading it somewhere on the way. I have nothing more to say about it. My evaluation: 3/10