Tuesday, February 2nd. Yesterday, I spent the evening with my friends and one of them told me that she always goes running in the morning before work. Around 6:15 she said. What? Getting out of the bed earlier just to go out to that cold and dark? Unbelievable. But of course, it stayed in my head, so when I went to bed at 0:30 am, I set my alarm clock to 5:55. In the worst case I would snap it.

But I didn’t. Got up out of the bed, took running clothes on, ate banana, drank the whole glass of water, did some warm up workouts and went out. I was afraid that it would be too cold but it wasn’t. Just perfect temperature. In fact later on I realized that I put too much clothes on.

Already after few steps I realized how actually awesome the morning running was. So quiet and calm around…Well, in the end I did 4,4 km but I liked it a lot and this was definitely not my last morning run 🙂02022016

And when I came home, there was a delivery guy waiting and brought me my new 8 kg pink kettle bell. Yay! Can’t wait to start exercising with it 😀 Didn’t have such awesome morning for ages!


In the evening I added 20 kettle bell swings, 20+20 squats with kettle bell, 20 squats with jump, 20 normal squats,  20+20+20 donkey kicks, 20+20+10 women push-ups, 60 crunches and 20+20 side crunches. Nice training!

Thursday, February 4th. Yesterday I had my no food day, meaning that I only drank water and tea. I do it from time to time to clean my body and loose some extra weight. Because of that I didn’t exercise at all and so I was looking forward to going running in the morning today again.

It was freezing cold. After few steps I realized that I was actually running on ice (but my cutie shoes were not slippery at all, have I ever mentioned that I love them?). I wanted to do some intervals but that’s not the best idea on ice. And my interval timer collapsed anyway, probably the cold scared it. So I decided to just go for normal run and focus on not to get hurt.

Than another surprise. After about 1 km I couldn’t catch my breath and started to feel very tired. I felt like after 10 kilometers at least and not just one. And it was getting worse so I decided to return back, I really didn’t want to get ill or cause me any injury. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body whether you like it or not. So my morning run was just 2,39 km.


In the evening I had in plan my regular training with Lukas. This time there were many people, most of them new. It had very nice and funny atmosphere. We did the running alphabet again and then circular training as usually. This time much harder than last time.

The only problem was that I got cramp to my right foot. I got this problem last time as well but this time it was much worse despite I took magnesium before the training. I had even problems to walk, so Lukas had to drive me home. If it happens again next time, I will have to solve it somehow. Tomorrow I will fairly regenerate.

Saturday, February 6th. I did as I said, I was relaxing yesterday. But today I had in plan to go to Festival of healthy lifestyle which was full of exercise classes and healthy food and such stuff. I went there with my 2 best friends. It was pretty good, I tried a hard “six-pack exercise” with Czech famous fitness/aerobic trainer Hanka Kynychová. It was pretty hard but I managed to do everything.

The other exercise was something like yoga but more focused on core and slow motion. It was awesome. We were supposed to breathe correctly and do just little moves but sometimes I wasn’t able to. And mostly I was shaking while trying to do the moves. Very interesting exercise!

Sunday, February 7th. Today I wanted to do some harder run. I had in my mind something around 8-9 km and I also wanted to try to run up some hills. I ran to a beautiful valley nearby and it was just awesome.

The whole run was pretty nice, at the beginning I was running mostly downhill and at the end I tried running uphill and it was not as bad as I expected. The only problem I had was with my breathing. When I was running up my legs were ok, they didn’t hurt much but my breath was almost collapsing so I had to either slow down rapidly or change to walk. Well, note to make – I have to find out how to improve my breathing while running.

Anyway, overall the run was fantastic and I fell in love with the nature. Unfortunately I had no idea where I was running so I got lost and had to follow google maps the last two kilometers. But that’s just a little detail. The whole run was totally worth it and I am sure I will come back to this area again.